PSN Games for the Forthcoming Months

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When it comes to best gaming experience, we all know that PlayStation consoles are the right choice. Only most experienced gamers appreciate the fact that these consoles are available for more than 20 years now. The best thing about PSN or PlayStation network is that it offers only the best game titles for its users.

Acquiring PSN codes.

PSNCodeGeneratorYou can get any game on PSN either by buying it upon release, preordering it, or by getting the PSN codes. These codes that unlock the game and all of its content including variety of skins, perks and additional content can be found on sites like this by completing surveys. You can win them just by participating in an online survey that helps developers get the idea what we, gamers, actually want to see in games. We made a list of games that are expected to be released in forthcoming months on PlayStation Network.

Telltale does it Again!

After successful game titles like The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead series and Tales from Borderlands, Telltale makes a bold move by adapting the Batman Series. This time, Gotham’s protector is troubled by his own duality and the concept of Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego Batman. The player will be presented with a choice to approach every situation as Batman or Bruce Wayne. According to the developers the game is set in time five years after Bruce becomes Batman. Every decision will bear consequences as in previous Telltale games. The story will follow Wayne as he tries to bring down the Falcone family. Nothing but the exceptional gameplay is to be expected from this game, as Telltale has proven times and again that whatever they create becomes a success.

No Man’s Sky.


This game can be described as an action-adventure survival game, set in space. The game lets you explore planets, and collect information about various species that inhabit those alien lands. If you were a fan of Freelancer the space-trading and combat simulation game from 2003, you will definitely love this game. There are so many aspects of this game that lets you do so much more than just exploring the universe. There are interactions with numerous factions and civilizations and you can choose the way you approach every situation. It is entirely up to you to become a trader, explorer or a mercenary. The game is expected to be released on 9th of August on PS 4. You can preorder it now and get the early access to some of the game content or you can use your PSN codes.
There are many more titles to be released in August and September like Injustice 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, Battlefield 1, so stay updated and informed.


How to be effective on Instagram – Tips

Are you looking for tips how to get more followers on Instagram, and if that is the case, we have a good news for you-in this article we will try to cover some of the finest Instagram tips and tricks that you can find on the Internet. There are many tips and tricks that you can use, we tried to select the most practical ones, so that you can advance in your marketing strategy very fast, therefore we selected only practical advices for this list.

When you started with Instagram carrier you probably noticed that your free instagram followers and viewers are responding differently depending on the time when you post your photos. It is, on some sense, naturally, because Instagram is highly dependent upon time and statistics shows that in details. Therefore, it is important to understand what is the right time to post your photos. Always try to have this in mind, because your followers will react much more in a case when you are posting your photos in ideal time. Statistics shows that the best time to post your images on Instagram is during weekends, because the most persons are online, on Instagram. Some experienced Instagram uses are saying that the night is the right time to post your images on Instagram, because the image has 5-6 hours of “life” before it ends at usual feeds. It has a reasonable point because, if you try to post your images during the day, it is relevant how many of your viewers and followers will be online, simply because they can’t regular jobs and other obligations during the day.

Another interesting strategy that you may use on Instagram is sharing teasers, or soon to be released events or products. Such images are excellent way of catching attention of your potential buyers, and it is also a great way of getting additional followers or likes. Some of the big names in the industry like Nike or Adidas are using this technique on the regular basis, with great success.

One of the useful ways to generate more followers and more likes on Instagram is to use caption in order to ask a question! Besides that, you can always organize a contest, as it is very effective way to engage your followers, but also very effective way of generating new photographs. Many brands are using contests to increase the numbers of their followers and to raise global awareness about their offerings and new products.

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma on PlayStation 4

I love fighting games! Punch, kick, jump and punch again. Some fighting games are very complicating with thousands of key combinations and maneuvers that you are supposed to perform if you want to be very good in it. BlazBlue is one of such games that you need to know what are you doing.
BlazBlue is 2D fighting game very similar to Street Fighter or Mortal Combat series.So, get free psn code generator and start your BlazBlue adventure!

This game is not easy, so experienced players of fighter games and Street Fighter veterans will find themselves challenged with this game. The game itself follows classical anime setting and storytelling. In some sence, the game is just like graphical novel describing characters in their everyday situations and struggles. If you like anime, you will like BlazBlue even if you are terrible in fighting games. The game is filled with usual sci-fi jargon and names with story that is interesting enough to keep you hooked with the game. There are different characters in the game, with specific skills and abilities. Characters are sorted by powers, so when weaker character defeats a more powerful it is nicely followed with specific scenes and story.

Even this game is hard for beginners; you can make it a little bit easier by selecting easy controls option that will allow you to perform combos with much more simpler combinations. On this way you will be able to quickly react in the game. When you gain some proficiency in performing combos you can switch to normal mode and test your skills. Was originally released for Playstation 3 and now after some time it is released for Playstation 4 with several extra characters and small adjustments, but the game is almost the same as it was on Playstation 3.

After all, BlazBlue is fast paced combat game that can give you hours and hours of fun. With a little practice you can improve your skills and then you will be able to progress to harder parts of the game. Narrative in the game is really interesting and we encourage you to check this story and give it try. If fighting games are your genre, then definitely you must play BlazBlue on Playstation 4.

Principal Instagram Tips

Instagram is one of the most popular social network sharing sites nowadays and if you are serious about your business and your overall Internet presence, you should start to think about serious Instagram portfolio in order to increase your business and your sales. Here are a few general basic tips that will help you to start with Instagram.

Quality is most important aspect of successful Internet presence on Instagram, because they are more than 4 millions images uploaded everyday, so you need the best possible quality for your images. Unfortunately, smart phones don’t give you the ability to make photos with significant depth of field. If you have some money available you should buy DSLR camera for some professional shooting or use instagram hack app. To create really great photos you should always need to pay attention to your liking! That is essence of every successful photography!

The lighting must be soft so that that viewer can see all the details. The best time for taking your pictures outside is in the early morning or at sunset. Never take photos at noon because the shadows will be sharp and dark. If you are about to shoot indoors use special liking boxes known as light-box, that creates nice, tender, soft shadows on your models or object. Another extremely important issue is proper composition. Try to understand the basic of successful photography, you can read a good to guide, or find some good tutorial on YouTube. Composition is necessary for nice and balanced image, there are certain rules that human eye applies when watching images. You can take advantage of those rules to create really great, astonishing pictures that will present your business. Pay attention to angles, be sure to take images from unusual angles, take image from above and from below, experiment!You should be very creative when shooting your object, try to change background, try to create interesting image. Instagram is a specific photo sharing site because the main format of your images is square, therefore the most important consideration is to think in advance how your photos would like.

You can always change the ratio of your photos in postproduction by cropping them to square, but always think while you are making your images to leave enough space for cropping. You can also use some very nice borders that are available on Instagram. They will give fresh look to your images. Always pay attention to details when you are on shooting, because sometimes a wrong background in form of tree or branch may ruine whole image. Try to combine different approaches and remember always to take a lot images of the same object. Experienced Instagram users are making at least 10 shots of each object they want to present. It’s not possible to take just one perfect shot, in this era of digital photography you can take as many shots as you like, so do not be afraid to take some photos extra. You can always choose the best one for posting on Instagram.

All about Witches

The one of the most powerful units in Clash of Clans is the Witch, but it is not easy to use this unit in the game. It is the highest unit, you will need Town Hall 9 and fully upgraded Dark Barracks to start production of this unit, but if you master tips and tricks you may become almost unstoppable on a battlefield.

The Witch is extremely expensive unit and you will need12-supplies to create just one Witch and that is just too expensive! Make your life easier with clash of clans cheats 2015 and obtain enough resources to start this costly production. More than that Witch has extremely low health and almost deals no damage at all! And more than that you will need to wait 20 min. to produce a single unit! What? So, outcomes that Witch is one of the most powerful units in the game? Good question! Well, it’s real strength is in summoning a horde of skeletons at amazing speed of every 6 seconds!

Each Skeleton will rush into the battle and Witch summons 40 Skeletons every minute! That is simply amazing! Skeletons are just slightly weaker than barbarians, so within minutes you will have a huge, solid army at your disposal.Because the Witch is very fragile you will need to protect her on some way. The best possible solution is to protect with Float Spell. Cast the Float Spell near the Walls and your skeletons will receive the Float spell and go over the wall. Witches are a great unit for trophy pushing and War battles, if you have enough resources, specifically Dark Elixir. First strategy is just two years huge amount of Witches with the Float spell. This is extremely effective strategy, but you will need a lot of time and resources. Another way to go is to protect the Witches which Golem.

Use the Freeze spell to help prevent an Inferno Tower from doing too much damage to your skeletons. Regarding farming, the cost is limiting factor, They are strong unit for farming, but frankly, too expensive. You might find a right combination of few Witches and several other units, like Giants if you want to be successful in farming.The greatest disadvantage of this unit is extremely low health, for example, several small bombs will kill a Witch within a seconds! Always, I repeat always look for a way to protect your Witches with other units, Golems or even P.E.K.KA or you will be dead in few blows. From other side, If you find the way to protect your Witches, you may become unbeatable on battlefield!

Unofficial Archer Guide

Clash of Clan is extremely fun game that requires a little thinking and sometimes it is not easy to understand how to play with certain units in the game, so we decided to help you in your endeavor to become a solid player of this wonderful game.

At the beginning of the game you will get barbarians as first unit and after that the archer is first ranged unit that you will get in Clash of Clans. Similarly like barbarians, archers have few hitpoints and low damage, but they are able to attack enemy from distance. They are capable to shoot over walls and attack defensive towers or enemy troops. You will need 25 seconds to produce one archer, but supply cost is only one unit, which makes them cheapest unit in the game. They can target ground and air units, but they do not have any preferred target. Upgrades are very important for archers because they gain more health and attack power with every level. Try to upgrade your Archers via Clash of Clans Triche Gemmes Gratuit and speed up your progress.

Higher level archers can survive much longer and can take down even Mortars. Just as barbarians, archers are common units in many strategies, you will use them for farming or trophy pushing. You can combine barbarians and archers in single army and some players consider this combination to be the best farming strategy. Downside is a fact that they are very vulnerable, so you will need stronger units like Giants to protect them. To deploy them properly you should always spread them because otherwise they are easy targets for area of effect towers.

Another very important point you should remember is to never deploy all your Archers at once, but deploy them in several waves. At higher levels always deploy tanking units like Giants or Barbarians before you deploy your archers. Archers are great for taking down Mines and Barracks and for taking any structure behind the walls. Archers simply shine at taking out Archer Towers and Cannons behind walls! Just deploy a dozen Archers and they will easily take out a Cannon Tower. Archers are the greatest unit in the game for dealing with enemy Clan Castle. Just drop a archer within Clan Castle in order to get its attention, you can use barbarian in this purpose, and after that deploy your archers at the place where they can easily target Clan Castle. With their ability to deal high damage, with long range, and ability to shoot air units Archers are one of the best unit that you can use use in the Clan Castle.

Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3DS

Here comes one of the greatest titles ever made for Nintendo franchises and we are talking about Zelda: Majora’s Mask, one of the greatest game that I ever played on new nintendo 3ds emulator. At the same time it is the strangest title full of mystery and adventure. It delivers instant action and sometimes weird plots, but it delivers what you expected intense gameplay and ultimate satisfaction for an average player.

The gameplay of Majora’s Mask’s is filled with various puzzles that you are about to solve, with intriguing maze of mind twisting problems that are giving in a essence around 80 hours of unique gameplay. Time is most important and you will spent a lot of time trying to understand what your next move in the game should be or where is next hint in the screen. There is great amount of stress in the fact that you have limited time to complete a specific task, sometimes it is extremely hard to do it at that specific time limitations and that brings frustration into the gameplay. One hour of real time is twisted in the game to 45 seconds and that is, so to say really frustrating.

Exploration of the world is very fun and interesting part of the game. You will need to unlock different layers of the gigantic map and explore it in a series of quests. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D is enriched version of the Nintendo classic game that is unlike any other game in the series. The quests are rich and interesting with story, and definitely worth finishing. The graphics in the game looks simply great, textures are improved, drawing distance is much better and there are numerous graphical improvements that will effect your gaming experience on the highest possible level.
There is a set of powers and upgrades that is very different from previous titles in the gameThe three core masks allow you to fly, and swim and that brings additional depth into the game. As we mentioned that is enforced with great puzzles available at every corner of this marvelous game. A major adventure features four most important dungeons, and not all of them are as excessive as the Stone Temple dungeon. For example, the Great Bay Temple is filled with unintuitive puzzles and there are many other similar examples in the game. Bosses are completely different story, they are interesting and fun and you will definitely enjoying defeating numerous Bosses in the game. The additional skills from the Mask will give you extra powers and more combinations in Boss Battles.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D is in did interesting game with awesome design and interesting puzzles. It brings charming characters back into the screen giving us the best that 3ds has to offer in this moment. It is still one of the greatest adventures of our time. It is a game that will give you a great amount of thrill and enjoyment if you decide to wear, once again the Mask of Zelda.

Clash of Clans Giant Guide

Giants are one of the most useful units in Clash of Clans that are foundation of many strategies. They have many advantages and may decide the tide of the battle if you learn how to apply them. We will share few useful tricks that will help you to build unstoppable force.

Giants are in fact one of the most popular units in Clash of Clans. First of all, they are very cheap units. Giants are proficient in defensive structure demolition and they will target any structure as top priority. Another stream useful ability of Giants is a tanking role, they are able to receive a huge amount of damage from Archer towers and cower other units behind them. The produce a Giant you will need just 2 minutes with supply cost of 5 units.

They have very low speed and very low damage, but their high health is replacement for other features. Because they are cheap, they are a part of almost every farming army. If you need any gems or resources, check clash of clans hack 2015 or other similar online ways of getting some free gems. The best use of Giants is, off course, for tanking. They have some great statistics, but also they have a few flaws. They are vulnerable to spring traps and their low damage makes it hard to brake high level Walls. In order to maximize your effectiveness, always group Giants with Wall Breakers and to increase damage output, place some long ranged dps units behind them. Another combination is to place a Healer behind Giants.

If you are interesting in farming, you will find that Giants are very useful for early farming. You will use them as tanks and strategy is very simple. First of all you should drop the Giant, when Towers start to shot at him, drop Wall Breakers and when they destroy Walls, place all your remaining Giants. That is very good strategy for early farming. One of the very common mistakes is that new players are trying to make an army that consists mostly of Giants, without other units. This is a typical mistake made by many players in Clash of Clans. Many players will place traps in their bases, to prevent Giants from destroying their defensive structures. To overcome that obstacle use cheap units like goblins that will trigger the traps very fast. Then deploy your Giants and organize attack as usual. Generally speaking Giants are not good Clan Castle units, so it is best not to place them within Clan Castle.

Basic Defending Tricks in FIFA 15

This is basic tutorial to get you started and warmed up ready for advance defending topics in FIFA 15. Starting off with defending tips we want to show you the basics of defending in this tutorial before you dive into the more advanced topics. Defending in the game is not just about winning challenges and blocking balls. You must learn a lot about positioning of players, timing and heading. It’s much more than that. Defending skills are vital in the game play if you want to win matches. If you need coins to build your ideal team, try FIFA 15 Coin Generator Online Tool to make a perfect FIFA 15 team.

Adding the right players into your team is very important step. Try to buy center backs and tanks and that will increase your chances of clearing the danger when your opponent has a corner kick. Remember to keep the center back where they are, so you can deal with strong pace. You need to be sure that your players won’t dive. Keep your position and allow the game to handle for you. When the oppositions are passing the ball around, you need to press the ball. You can choose to cover the opponent and control your player to position in order to cover a pass.

Prepare counter attack and be ready to attack when your oppositions have put their players forward. Defensive-minded players can shine in a number of different specialties, but in general they must be strong tackler, both sliding and standing.Proper defending is all about knowing when to attempt a certain move and how you to attempt to pull it off. Smart tactical decisions and proper positioning will make it difficult for your opponent to score. Remember to use your keeper effectively, learn how to claim the ball, and when not to bring the goalie out.

Positioning is a essential skill that you need to master if you want to be really successful in FIFA 15. The most important players to keep your eyes on are your centre-backs. The key point here is holding position rather than moving towards the ball. On that way you will be able to react quickly to any sudden change of direction. Keep the passing simple, so you can keep the ball moving quickly and precisely. Also, avoid trying to pass across your own penalty area, because it can be very dangerous decision.
We are hoping that this guide covered some key points which will help you to defend much more efficiently.

Comprehensive Units List for Clash of Clans

Barracks Units

Military enclosure units cost mixture to create and fluctuate radically in quality. When in doubt, the units that cost the most mixture and time to create have a tendency to be the most capable in light of their supply cost. In any case, the additional mixture cost and time necessities for these extravagant units balance their increment in quality. At the point when farming, by and large it is best to stick to the less expensive units to save money on remedy expenses and preparing time.


The Barbarian is the first unit you get access to in Clash of Clans. This unit is a shoddy scuffle unit that does well as the base of your armed force for the initial five Town Hall levels. A decent method is to utilize just Barbarians and overpower the rival with a Barbarian swarm. Since Barbarians are so shabby and prepare so rapidly, you can undoubtedly go on 5-6 assaults every hour when utilizing a Barbarian armed force. You should use Barbarians in the beginning when you are short on gems. If you want to know how to get unlimited gems in clash of clans check out  but have in mind that it does not always work.


The Archer is the essential went unit in the diversion. It does strong harm, however has, low wellbeing. In any case, its low wellbeing is more than compensated for by its ease and brisk development speed. The Archer’s extent permits it to shoot over dividers and hit opposing towers and asset stockpiling structures even with the dividers around these structures are in place.


Trolls are shoddy, quick units that will concentrate totally on gathering assets. Trolls won’t assault something besides asset gatherers and capacity units until each asset gatherer and capacity building have been obliterated. Trolls likewise do twice their ordinary harm to gatherers and asset stockpiling structures.


Titans are the first units that players get access to that will particularly target opposing structures. Monsters won’t assault whatever other structures until all guarding towers have been wrecked. Concealed Tesla towers are viewed as preventive structures for the Giant.

Wall Breaker

Divider Breakers are a crucial unit for most Clash of Clans armed forces. These units can rapidly pulverize dividers that different units would enjoy ages towallbreaker reprieve down. Separating the first line or two of an adversary’s dividers can be the distinction between clearing the whole base and getting wiped without arriving at half.


The Balloon is a fascinating air unit that particularly targets protections first. As an air unit, it is solid versus Mortars and Cannons, however feeble versus Air Defense towers. The greatest shortcomings of the Balloon are its low development speed, its low HP, and its inclination to cluster up with different Balloons. The low development velocity permits Air Defense towers to pick off numerous Balloons before they ever get in reach. Its low HP and inclination to cluster make the Balloon helpless to Wizard Towers and Air Bombs.


You can think about the Wizard like an updated Archer. Be that as it may, the Wizard does not generally get utilized as a part of spot of the Archer essentially on the grounds that one Wizard costs more Elixir than 4 Archers and the Wizard takes altogether more to prepare.