How Dr CYJ hair filler helped to fight with Alopecia?

I always had very thick hair. People usually think I wear extensions but from last two years I have been struggling with a psychological condition and its basically called alopecia. My immune system targets my hair follicles and that makes my hair fall out and never grows back again. So this first started in when I was 20 years old so obviously now I am 22. Two years back, first time, little part of my eyebrow started falling out and by time it got worse. Initially, I thought it is the reaction of stress or over-thinking or maybe alcohol but after six months, one day I ran my hand through my hair and a whole chunk of hair got in my hands. Girls usually get hair fall when they shower or brush so initially it was not a big deal for me until and unless and I started getting large number of hair coming out at once. Then someone suggest me to use Dr CYJ hair filler from Hyaldirect for rejuvenating hair cells.

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